Beach Life Slot 1

Beach Life Slot

“Win this one and it’s sun, sea, and sand all the way. Want the high life? Try your luck at Beach Life.”

What is beach life? Well, according to online gaming software developers Playtech, beach life is lollies, surfing, ice creams, the sun, a sandcastle, a scuba diver, and a hot babe in a red bikini. Here at – we concur.

Beach Life is a Technicolor five reel, 20 payline slot, based on all things beachy. It’s a progressive game which means you are only ever one spin away from the kind of win that could change your life forever. Win this bad boy and you’ll be struggling with a deck chair in no time.

The game’s wild symbol is the sun. It’s also the key to big money. Get five suns are payline 20 and you win the jackpot. Get five suns on any other line and you still pocket 100,000 times your line bet. It’s the one to win.

Hot Stuff

The smaller wins are a variety of sweaty lollies, from a Fab to vanilla ice cream wafer sandwich, with five line winning combinations worth up to 150 times your line. Bigger winning combinations are triggered when you line up the scuba diver, bikini lady, and the surfer dude.


The game’s scatter symbol is the sandcastle which pays out at 500 times the total bet. These simply have to land on any reels – no need for a payline here!

The bonus round is triggered when you line up at least three treasure chest symbols on any active payline. The game then cuts away to an interactive bonus round where it is your mission to choose three of more prizes. Each prize contains a different amount.

A Lot of Lolly

Beach Life is more than four years old but remains one of the most popular online progressive slots on offer from Internet casino gaming developers Playtech. The game’s success is down to the fact that its progressive jackpot has passed the four million dollar mark on several occasions. It really is a potential life changer.  The game’s popularity also means that the progressive jackpot reseeds very quickly

In Conclusion

There’s nothing wrong with this game. The theming is bright and fun, it pays well, and there is always that possibility of taking it home – big style. The beauty of the progressive game is the potential to tell the boss where to get off, move to a beach house, and get to live the life you’ve always wanted. Of course, we all appreciate that you need a lucky break to win the jackpot but it happens. And – with a game like Beach Life – you can have fun trying and pocket a little cash on your way.

Betty Says…

“I like Playtech’s slot games. They are responsive, seem to pay well, and have some clever twists and features. Beach Life’s theming is a little random for me but the progressive jackpot was hovering just under the $1 million at the time of review, so there really is everything to play for.

My advice: Pull up a lounger, grab a cold one, lie back and play for the dream!”