Bejeweled Slot 1

Bejeweled Slot

“Procrastination just got a jackpot. Don’t be shy, bejeweled… It’s a gem.”

The hours, the hours, the hours… Headphones on, boss in eye line, word document minimized, browser discretely open, playing Bejeweled. Like big daddy Tetris and its many siblings (Zuma, Cubis, Blocky, etc.), Bejeweled is a near perfect piece of online procrastination.

As a means to waste time in the office, Bejeweled takes some beating.  It’s simple to play, easy to understand, and impossible to beat.  It’s also one of the most perfect online slot adaptations I’ve ever seen and played.

If ever there was a game that was built to play like an online slot, it is Bejeweled.  Online slots developers Cryptologic saw the potential and they have created a sparkling version.  Now you can waste the hours away and win money at the same time.

Bejesus, I’m Bejeweled

The online slot Bejeweled looks like a typical five reel slot. The ‘reels’, however, do not spin. Instead, the symbols drop from the top of the screen. The symbols used in the slot are identical to the online game: coloured gems in seven different shapes, including diamonds, triangles, hexagons, and squares.


There is also a wild Bejeweled symbol which substitutes for any symbols on the payline. Get five of these lined up on line 10 and you win the game’s super jackpot worth 20,000 times your line bet. And, with the line bet maximum set at £20, you could pocket £400,000 if this one hits.

There is also a smaller jackpot of 8,000 times the line bet. To get this, you must get five matching symbols on payline 5, as well as another five matching symbols on payline 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10. basically, a horizontal and a vertical five liner at the same time!

The paylines run in straight lines both horizontally and vertically.  There are ten in total. You win by lining up at least three identical symbols in a line. This is where it gets interesting. When you get a winning combination, the symbols disappear. The gap is then filled, as more symbols drop from above. Potentially, you can keep winning and winning.

All that glitters…

It looks perfect and the mechanics are on the money. The problem I have with this game is it gets dull fairly quickly and – most of the time – you barely seem to cover your stake.  You really do need to play all ten lines to make the game worthwhile.

I would often get a several three symbol line ups and then pocket only 90p. Every bet I placed was costing me £1.  Now, there is a big but here… BUT… When you do win on this game, you really win. My balance was up after playing the game for 15 minutes. I had got kinda bored with the action and was letting it run on autoplay. Out the corner of my eye, I spotted two different £20 wins, as several five line combos dropped on one spin.

In Conclusion

Yeah.  Check it out. Especially, check it out, if you love the original game. Cryptologic have created a fresh online slot here that pays tribute to its inspiration and rewards play with some hefty payouts. It’s not a massive amount of fun but it’s good for a visit.

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Betty Says…

“Yeah, I think it’s a pretty dull game tbh. I used to love skiving at the office and playing Bejeweled but this online slot does all the choosing for you.

If it had been a game of Bejeweled for cash – that would have been very special. Not for me!”