Call Of Duty 4 Slot Review 1

Call Of Duty 4 Slot Review

“Can’t decide between a little FPS action or a session on the slots? Simple: load up the COD4 slot and do both”

FPS? COD4? What does it all mean? Chances are, if you don’t know these acronyms, this online slot is not for you. FPS stands for ‘first person shooter’ and COD4 stands for ‘Call of Duty 4 – probably the finest FPS ever created.

So, in what twisted universe did a game developer decide to marry military mayhem and massacre with the chance to pocket a £100,000 jackpot? That universe would be the Cryptological one – and what a wonderful place it is.

Call of Duty 4 slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline, slot that packs a lot of paramilitary punch with every spin. Exploding grenades and bombs reveal winning combinations and – if you line up three COD4 logos – you get the FPS bonus feature.

Shoot ‘Em Up

Graphically, the game is definitely one for the boys. Mini video captures from the actual game, alongside images of guns, claymores, soldiers, and grenades are in the COD4 slots armoury. The wild symbol or ‘substitute’ as Cryptologic like to call it here, is the soldier icon.

This symbol substitutes for all others with the exception of the scatter. Any winning combination is doubled, if you are lucky enough to fill those missing symbols with a soldier. Line up five soldier symbols and you secure the game’s top jackpot of 5,000 times the line bet – that’s a potential jackpot of £100,000.


During gameplay, you will often see a grenade roll out onto the screen or a soldier dash to the centre reel to plant some semtex. This explosive action is good news because the destruction caused by these interlopers results in winning combinations and cash in your pocket.

Bonus with a Boom

COD4 slots is one of those rare games where a little bit of skill can go a long way. The bonus feature is a pint-sized version of the actual FPS game. The difference here is you’re a mercenary and every kill comes with a cash bounty.

To trigger the action, you need at least three COD4 icon scatter symbols. These start the mini game where your mission is to bag the bad guys and pocket the prizes. Every soldier you shoot earns you up to four free spins. Make it a headshot and you earn a bonus prize. Barrels and cars are also worth shooting as they also contain hidden rewards.

Shoot five soldiers in a row and an airstrike is called in. This airstrike blasts the battlefield and multiplies your free plays by up to five times. As soon as you die, the free spins you have earned start.

In Conclusion

Not the biggest jackpot and not the most exciting paytable but – what a bonus round. Cryptologic have beautifully combined on of the world’s best first person shooters with an online slot to create something that is pretty special.

The bonus feature is what this game is all about and the frequent appearance of grenades and semtex on the regular game make this a generous payout. It’s a blast. Kill something and earn some money today.

Betty Says…

It’s a bit of a boy’s game, this one. I ran out of real money waiting for the bonus round to kick in. I had to trigger it from free play. It was pretty cool though and I managed to repeat the bonus round within my free plays. I landed two airstrikes which gave me a four times multiplier. At this point, I was wishing I had gone a little deeper with my real cash.

If you live playing soldiers and slots, you’re gonna love this!