Cleopatra 2 1

Cleopatra 2

“Does my asp look big in this? Cleopatra II – the ultimate yummy mummy is back!”

I guess the embalming worked. Once again, the lady who put the dy-no-mite into p-tol-emite has been resurrected:  Cleopatra is back.  True – the developers at IGT are showing a stunning lack of imagination with the reincarnation of this brand. However, when the market speaks, the online gaming industry listens.  Clearly, the popularity of the first Cleopatra online slot has prompted IGT to dig deep and unearth the past.

So… What do we have? Well, on launch, the slightly Americanised voice of Cleopatra invites you to ‘share in her treasures’ or wishes you ‘great prosperity’.

We are confronted with a 20 payline, five reel slot.  The game’s music has a vaguely Goa trance-ish vibe about it.  Unfortunately, I had a real problem hitting play fast enough to keep the beat going.  Winning was also annoying as it would halt my repetitive beats and interrupt my endorphin-strokin’ session.

The Graphics

Graphically, the game is the usual online gaming jewel encrusted pastiche of ancient Egypt.  Cleopatra’s dreamy green eyes are the big money with a 10,000 times credit bet jackpot if you line up five pairs of the beauties.


Graphically, the game is slightly richer than the original incarnation. The main difference between the two games is the bonus round action.  In the first game, you basically got 15 free spins with all wins multiplied. The bonus round on this online slot is a different kettle of scarabs.

Basically, if you are lucky enough to line up three or more sphinxes anywhere on the screen, a ‘bonus adventure’ begins.  Initially, you’ be rewarded with a scatter bonus. Then, like Caesar himself, you will be presented with three royal boxes (no, not Cleopatra’s). Pick a box to discover how many free spins you are in for.

The free spins are automatic but here’s the killer – and possibly the main reason for spinning away at this Egyptian temptress – with every bonus spin the multiplier increases by one. The maximum multiplier is 50x. There’s gold in these coffers fo sho!

Big Hitting Bonuses

Hit three Sphinx symbols any time during the bonus round and you earn more free spins.  To be honest, it cost me a lot of money to get to the bonus round. I always like to win at least one bonus round so I can review it. I thought it was never going to happen. However, when it landed, it was worth the wait and put my account back into profit.

In Conclusion

Lazy creative but a bonus round that Howard Carter would be happy to discover. To be honest, I would like to see some more original game concepts but IGT are looking at what works in Las Vegas and this online slot machine is one hell of a  smash there.  She’s back, she’s bad, she’s the MILF with lotsa hot booty. Grab some!

Frank Says…

“I almost got fed up waiting to get the bonus round on this game but I did hit it eventually and it was worth the wait. Yeah… Not much difference here graphically between the initial Cleopatra online slot and the new one. I don’t mind IGT games because they are always pretty good payers. You have to be patient though!”