Cleopatra's Gold Slot Review 1

Cleopatra’s Gold Slot Review

“We love Cleopatra’s Gold slots. Trust us: this Ptolomite is dynamite and there’s gold in them thar tombs”

Yes… Yes… We know… A veritable pyramid of naff puns but – here at WhichSlotMachine – we try to entertain on the path to online slot enlightenment. We do the ‘sphinxing’ so you don’t have to. Meh!

So… onto the svelte and (apparently) sexy subject of today’s review: Cleopatra’s Gold slots.  It’s a five reel, 20 payline, progressive slot from Realtime Gaming based on that naughty Nile-based nymphet and seductress of Caesar: Cleopatra.

We all know that Cleopatra liked to work it. She certainly got it on with both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. In Cleopatra’s Gold, she puts it about as well and – if you’re lucky enough to catch Cleo in a winning combination – she will substitute the missing symbol and the game pays double the prize. Niiiiiice!

Not surprisingly, the Sphinxy minx is also responsible for the game’s progressive jackpot. Line up five Cleopatras and get ready to supersize your bank balance.  There’s a thought that’s as sweet as a King Tut takeaway.

Scattered on the Sands…

Pyramids – don’t ya love ‘em. The one remaining wonder of the world is also the wonder of Cleopatra’s Gold slots. This is where the big money lands and you go raiding the tombs for the treasure.

If you are lucky enough to hit three or more pyramid symbols anywhere, you get 15 free spins. It gets better: not only do you get a healthy portion of free action, you also earn triple payouts on all winning combinations. Get three more scatter pyramids during your 15 free spins and you get another 15!


After two pyramid scatter symbols hit, the reel spin lengthens to create a real sense of tension. It’s good fun and keeps you spinning for that elusive scatter. It’s worth pointing out here that – although Cleopatra substitutes for all other symbols, she does not substitute for the pyramid.

In Conclusion

Ancient Egypt never looked or played better. Realtime Gaming’s evocation of this ancient era has produced a terrific online slot that blends game play, tension, and a healthy payout ratio together in a very satisfying game.  Unearth your inner mummy and give good old Cleo a spin today.

Frank Says…

Realtime Gaming is one of the few online developers to offers US players a chance to enjoy a little action on the progressive slots. The high volume of stateside players ensures that the jackpot is always worth winning .

I find the game a little light on features but the way it creates tension by stringing out the scatter feature makes it fun to play. It also has a higher end payout ratio which means you get a lot of extra Egyptian bang for every buck you bet. My advice: get your spade out and give it a little Howard Carter. He dug up Tutankhamen – you might just discover gold as well!