Cluedo Slot Review 1

Cluedo Slot Review

“Murder on your mind? Play this online slot and make a killing…”

If only life was this simple.  There’s been a murder.  No one knows who is guilty.  How do you crack the case?  WagerWorks has the solution: simply spin their online slot ‘Cluedo – Who Won It’ and not only do you catch the killer, you also win an instant reward. Result!

Cluedo – Who Won It (from this point on just called ‘Cluedo’) is a five reel, 15 payline, video slot themed on the evergreen board game Cluedo (which our transatlantic cousins call ‘Clue’).

All the usual suspects are there: Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Mrs Peacock, Mrs White, and Reverend Green.  The arsenal of weapons is also replete with old the old murderous favourites, including: the dagger, rope, spanner, candlestick, revolver, and lead pipe.

It’s midnight, there’s a storm, and someone is going to make a killing. Get lucky and there’s a good chance it could be you.

The character and weapon symbols all hold different win combination values. A clubbing with a candlestick offers the lowest win values but get five Miss Scarletts in a row and you win 1,000 times your line bet. Line up the Cluedo symbols and you max out your win with a 2500 multiplier.


Read All About It

A winning line of Newspaper Wild symbols triggers the jackpot prize which is worth 25,000 times the line bet. The maximum line bet is £5. This gives you a potential jackpot worth a cool £125,000. That’s a killer pot

The Newspaper Wild symbol also substitutes for all symbols, except the Who Won It bonus. Unfortunately, this particular wild symbol does not multiply winning combinations.

Murder, She Wagered

The Cluedo slots bonus feature is a lot of fun but rather frustrating. To trigger it, you need to get three ‘Who Won It Bonus’ symbols on any active payline. The game screen then switches to a desktop. You are prompted to click start and the bonus feature begins.

A magnifying glass sweeps over the characters – which are all assigned a value. It picks a suspect and then moves onto the scene of the crime and picks a room – which also has a cash value. These two numbers are added together and the magnifying glass then makes its final move to the weapons. Each weapon has a multiplier value.  The total is then worked out (suspect + room x weapon) and offered to you.

At this point, you can choose to take your bonus or… You can play again! You get three chances to choose your bonus. It’s tricky. On the first attempt, I got good prices for my character and room but only a 2 x multiplier. I tried again and failed to get such a good price but got a higher multiplier. I was then forced to take my third choice which was somewhere between the two.

In Conclusion:

I like Cluedo slots. The characters are engaging, the theme is fun, and the music and animation sets the mood for some good old fashioned massacre and mayhem. The bonus round took quite a long time to hit but with a single Cluedo symbol earning you a free play every time, I managed to stay in the game.

Frank Says…

I loved playing Cluedo when was a kid and this is a great, fresh, interpretation of the game. All the old favourites are there and the bonus round is great fun – especially if you like a gamble. I actually hit the bonus round almost immediately and took the first option. It kept me guessing and spinning for hours. Never mind whodunit – this is who WON it! Enjoy!