Dr Lovemore Slot Review 1

Dr Lovemore Slot Review

“Do you like your online slots with a sexy twist and fruit flavoured condoms? Dr Lovemore is at your cervix”

Apologies (and thanks) to Joan Rivers for that header but how do you introduce an online slot themed around a potential medical malpractice lawsuit?  I can’t work out if the eponymous Dr Lovemore is a practising GP who has taken patient care to the next level or a smooth tongued lothario with a PhD in lurve.

To be honest: it doesn’t matter. What we have here is a cheeky little online slot featuring fruit flavoured condoms, champagne, perfume, roses, and boxer shorts. Dr Lovemore looks vaguely like Kid Creole and it looks like his coconuts are up for grabs.

This five reel, 20 line game, from online gaming developers Playtech is bags of fun. Be warned though: the audio effects make it sound like you are visiting a dodgy website. You may want to check the volume on this one.


Yes, it’s true. The game features all the usual fruit symbols – only this time they are condoms. Good to know that Dr Lovemore practises safe sex! The wildcard is a ‘WILD’ number plate. Get five of these and you stand to pocket stud fees worth 10,000 times your line bet.


Hit this during the bonus game (more later) and the prize is doubled to a well hung 20K. That’s a big packet by any standard.  The game also features a scatter symbol (Dr Lovemore himself). These simply multiply the line bet.

Is that a gun in your pocket?

The bonus round is triggered when you get Dr Lovemore’s pink boxer shorts on reels one and five.  Line up his undies and you get 20 free plays and all wins are doubled. You can also retrigger spins within the bonus plays.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the bonus round. I was expecting the classic porn soundtrack to kick in and some cheesy animation.  Nothing exciting happened: the free spins started and that was that.  I suspect – somewhere – a developer lost his nerve.

In Conclusion

I don’t love him – I like him. Dr Lovemore is saucy, cheeky, and rather fun.  I think Playtech have stepped into a slightly dodgy territory here and that’s great. It could have been cheekier but it’s a start. As far as gameplay goes, it’s consistent, seems to pay well, but does get a little boring after a while. Probably a little bit like Dr Lovemore himself!

Betty Says…

“I love Dr Lovemore. He’s a lot of fun and this slot is clearly aimed at the ladies. I suppose the game has little to offer as far as innovation and animation goes but the saucy theming is fun. I’d pop into his surgery for a little ‘treatment’. Grab yourself a prescription and enjoy a little therapy with Dr Lovemore!”