Fruit Frenzy Slot 1

Fruit Frenzy Slot

I’m not ashamed to admit it: I’ve taken my fair share of drugs over the years. I’ve tripped the light fantastic, caressed patterned wallpaper, eaten family-sized packs of Jaffa cakes, given my cat a blow back, and hugged my bed to stop myself flying off.

Fruity Frenzy looks like an online slot, developed by a twisted grocer who mixed his peyote up with his butternut squash. It’s an acid-hued, kaleidoscopic fruit cocktail, set in a sadistic circus where innocent strawberries are fired from a cannon at an unsuspecting melon.

The musical accompaniment features the sounds of the steam organ, a silent movie piano riff, and developer Realtime Gaming’s ever present singular sound effect which always plays when you hit an average winning combination – on every single one of their games.

Lovely Melons

OK.  Down to business.  What we have here is a five reel slot, with 25 paylines, a random progressive jackpot, and a bunch of fruit – apparently in a frenzy. The game’s theme is fruit and a circus. This means the symbols on show are a mixed bunch of fruit – bananas, grapes, a melon cannon, and a strawberry bullet, as well as some detritus from the circus floor, including: goggles, balloons, a comedy car, and an admission ticket.


The top winning combination is five lovely pineapples. The pineapple (who looks a little like Errol Flynn) is also the games wild/substitute symbol and trigger of the irritating silent movie piano riff. Mind you: if you hear it – you’ve won. The online slots’ scatter symbol is the word Frenzy. Two or more of these and you are in the money.

Ooo My Grapes

The bonus round in the Fruit Frenzy slots is fun to play. Line up any five of a kind win and the Daredevil feature is triggered. A screen reveals a cannon, armed by Mr Pineapple, and loaded with the unfortunate strawberry.

The strawberry is then shot – nee ejaculated – towards the womb like melon. If it hits the target, you earn free spins. All winning combinations are doubled. The feature can be retriggered. All good!

In Conclusion

I’m not usually a huge fan of online gaming software developers Realtime Gaming but Fruit Frenzy is a hippy fuelled, rather tasty, pleasantly ripened, bunch of fun.  It’s crazy enough to be excused its irritations and the wild pineapple keeps the pot ticking over. Have a bite.

Betty Says…

“Yes. This is a much better game from Realtime Gaming. I actually like the simplicity and immaturity of many of their online slots and they don’t come much more juvenile than this.

It’s as if the game was developed by a bunch of pre-school kids with crayons. Oh… If only they knew. Blend it up and make a smoothie. Fruit Frenzy is fab.”