Gladiator Slot Review 1

Gladiator Slot Review

“It may be a no show for Crowe but the Gladiator slots is spared with two thumbs up”

There are two things about the Gladiator online slots that I found very interesting. First: the music is awful. For some reason, the maestros at the Playtech music department have decided that a game about ancient Rome, based on the Ridley Scott movie, would really suit some cheesy little porno-style bass licks and rather naff jingles.

The second thing I noticed about this game – although it took a little longer – is the total absence of Mr Gladiator himself: Russell Crowe.  Clearly the antipodean luvvie has a clause in his contract that forbids his image being used in anything related to gambling. Ironic, as our cousins down under will bet on the sun rising.

Those two gripes aside, Gladiator is a top online slot with two kick ass bonus rounds that will send your bankroll into the stratosphere. Just like a day’s slaughter, murder, and torture at the Coliseum – it’s a real crowd pleaser!

So… theming. Well, we have all the main characters from the 2000 movie – except Crowe. Winning combinations are rewarded with mini-animations and cut scenes from the movie. It looks cool. The wild symbol is a helmet. Three of these also trigger the Gladiator bonus but more on that in a minute.


Musically, there is a little bit of Roman-ic pomp but there is a very large chunk of cheese to go along with that. I suspect the original composer for the movie – Hans Zimmer – also has a ‘no use’ clause in his contract. It’s actually bad enough to distract but not quite fatal.

Tuscany Fried Bat and Otter Noses

The bonus rounds are both fun. We have a straight up Gladiator Bonus. Line up helmets on reels 2, 3 and 4 and the screen clears to reveal nine helmets – each having a specific cash prize. With a total bet of £2.50, I won between £20 and £35 on this feature

Much more entertaining is the Coliseum bonus. Get three or more Coliseum scatter symbols anywhere on the screen and the bonus kicks in. The screen clears to reveal a holding cell under the Coliseum. Here you must select hidden stones to reveal the elements of your bonus round.

The first row is the amount of free spins you receive. Next, you select the multiplier that will apply to all your winning combinations. Finally, you get to select an additional scatter symbol. This is very important and can result in some astonishing wins.

In Conclusion – Make a Killing

I imagine the Coliseum was big business with some mighty rewards for those brave enough to risk everything. Well, you don’t have to put your life on the line here but the Gladiator online slots is well worth a punt. You won’t lose your life if it all goes pear-shaped!

Frank Says…

“WTF… I bet Russell Crowe is either getting drunk or starting at fight. Either way, it’s fine by me. If he doesn’t want to associate himself with this game – it’s his loss. Having said that: perhaps he did hear the music. So, who could blame him? I think this slot is pretty awesome and it made me want to rewatch the movie. Unleash hell!”