Gold Rally Slot Review

“Dig deep and give Gold Rally a spin and you could unearth a tasty nugget or two.”

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On the menu today is a rather tasty little dish from online slots developers Playtech.  The Gold Rally progressive slot is a 9 reel, 8 payline game, that pays very well but costs a lot to play.

The game’s theme has nothing to do with superfast Scandinavians driving at top speed though forests. The ‘rally’ here is the race to discover gold in ‘them thar hills’.  Gold rush theming is the order of the day, with symbols representing sticks of dynamite, pick axes, scales, lamps, nuggets of gold, and horseshoes.

Fun With Miners

At first glance, the game looks like an old school three reel slot. It’s only when you spin the reels that you realise each symbol represents an individual reel. The eight paylines basically operate like a game of noughts and crosses: any winning combination on a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal will secure you a win.


To play Gold Rally slots, you’re going to need fairly deep pockets. Each line costs £2 to play. I decided to go deep and play all eight lines when I was testing the game and it was only on the third £16 spin that I managed to catch a win and ended my session in profit.  For a couple of minutes, I was sweating like a Chilean miner!

Of course, you don’t have to play all eight paylines at once. That was just me being greedy. Even so, just one line still costs you £2 to play. It’s not a cheap game but then everything is relative. The prizes are solid gold.

Let’s talk about the prizes: the big one is the Gold Rally icon. Line up three of these and you win 500 times your line bet. That’s at least £1,000 on a £2 stake. Sweet.

Scatter Me A Jackpot

The scatter symbol on the Gold Rally slots is the scales. If more than five of these appear anywhere on the screen, you are in the money.

Get nine scatter symbols and you win the progressive jackpot. Since the game’s launch in 2005, Gold Rally slots has made many millionaires. In one year, it paid out two £2 million jackpots and another three £1 million prizes. The average progressive jackpot is about £300,000.

Blow Up A Bonus

Not content with serving up one of online gaming’s most generous paytables, Playtech also offer players of Gold Rally slots the chance to dig for treasure in it bonus round.

Get four sticks of dynamite in the corners of the play grid and you automatically trigger the bonus round. The screen changes and the player is presented with a prospector’s map. It is now up to you to pick the right ‘X’ to dig. If ‘X’ marks the pot – then you’re in the money!

In Conclusion

It looks like a child’s game but the stakes and the paytable are very grown up.  It is a costly game to play but one win can make all the difference.  It’s one of the most popular game on the Playtech roster and you can see why. It’s quirky, fun to play, and has one of the most frequently one progressive jackpots out there.  Dig deep and give it a spin.

Betty Says…

Sorry, Frank… This game doesn’t do it for me. The main problem I have with Gold Rally slots is the fact that I can’t try it for either a few cents or for free. Most progressives will let you play the regular game for the minimum wager. Of course, you won’t qualify for the massive jackpot but you can get a feel for the game.

Having said all that: I did hear that you were buying the drinks after you win on this game. Anything that gets you to put your hand in your pocket can’t be all bad. Perhaps, I should pull grab a lamp and start rallying for that gold.