JuJu Jack Slot 1

JuJu Jack Slot

“Undead Funny”

There are literally thousands of online slots available to fans of the fruity, today.  Online casinos and their developers spend countless hours and days coming up with seductive scenarios and themes to tempt you to take their slots for a spin.

It’s a thankless task that has resulted in online slots dedicated to the Renaissance, bank robbers, and first person shooters.  Some concepts work better than others but they keep the action interesting for casino regulars.  Juju Jack is – as far as we can tell – the world’s first online slot themed around voodoo.

Voodoo comes in a several varieties.  There is your classic West African blend – called Vodun –  which focuses on the forces of nature and worship of the spirits.  The slave trade resulted in Vodun crossing the Atlantic to the Caribbean island of Haiti and the replacement of the letter ‘n’ with an ‘o’.

Vodou eventually travelled from Haiti to the cotton plantations of the Deep South and to Louisiana where the religion was greatly improved with the addition of chicken sacrifices, zombies, and the letter ‘o’.  This is the brand of voodoo on which Juju jack is based.


Juju Jack is a blast.  It takes the voodoo theme to the comedy limit with headless chickens, zombies, witchdoctors, and more. The music sounds like an Addams Family remix and its beautiful to look at and fun to play.


Juju jack hides behind the screen, watching the reels spin, and occasionally he will reach down and bewitch the reel – resulting in another spin. There is also a free games feature, triggered when you are lucky enough to line up the bonus trigger on reels 2, 3, and 4.

The highlight of the game is the bonus feature.  Hit three dolls on reels 2, 3, and 4 and the game cuts away to a screen where you get to torment a child’s voodoo doll with the torture instruments of your choice to win money.  It’s funny, irreverent, and rather bonkers.


If you want to play an online slot with a unique theme that’s both fun and rewarding, look no further into the flames of that fire.  Juju Jack is yet another Cryptologic classic and guaranteed to rattle your bones with delight. Enjoy!

Frank Says…

“I’m down with Betty on this one. If only for the animation of the chicken’s head leaving its body, rotating, and then returning to its feathery shoulders, this game is well worth a look. Juju Jack is another great game from Cryptologic. It’s fluid, well-animated, and brilliantly themed. I do love a slot with personality and Juju Jack completely fits the bill.”