Millionaires Club 3 Slot Review 1

Millionaires Club 3 Slot Review

“Bling, bling… Spin your way to a 24 carat lifestyle with the Millionaire’s Club III progressive slot!”

Groucho Marx once famously said: “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member.” We think even Groucho wouldn’t pass up the chance to join the Millionaires Club.

The Millionaires Club III is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot, from online gaming software developers Cryptologic. It’s the third version of the this extraordinarily popular online progressive slot. Perhaps, membership was full at clubs I and II.

So, what have we got? The slot’s reel symbols represent what the game’s designers must imagine a millionaires life is all about. We have yachts, Rolls Royces, swimming pools, fine brandy, tickets to see a Mozart concert, assorted jewels, and a solid gold money clip.

There is also a ‘MTV Cribs-style’ mansion on wild duty, as well as a massive diamond scatter which triggers the fabulous (dahling!) bonus round.

So… It’s a fairly clichéd theme and they have forgotten to use an apostrophe in the title of their game. It should be Millionaires’ Slots – after all, they have made several with this game!.

But … Frankly, who cares? What you have here is Cryptologic flexing its mighty development muscle and producing a top drawer game that keeps you spinning and spinning. It’s fun and I want to join that club – apostrophe or not!


Who Wants to Be A…

As I mentioned, the wild symbol is the mansion. It substitutes for all symbols except (of course) the scatter. The mansions also line up for the biggest winning combination. There is no multiplier with the wild symbol.

The Millionaires Club III logo is what triggers the bonus round. Get three or more of these and it’s time for a trip to the jewellers.

Bonus within a Bonus

The bonus feature starts with an animation which cuts to a table covered in diamonds. Every diamond has either a cash value, a multiplier, a jackpot token, or a ‘strike out’. Your goal is to grab as much cash and as many multipliers as you can before getting three jackpot tokens and trying your luck in the jackpot round. Just about every time I got this feature, I would get the a crack at the jackpot round. Obviously, if you are unlucky and pick up three ‘strike outs’, you don’t get to try the jackpot feature.

So, you’ve picked up 8 diamonds. They have varied in value from fifty cents to ten dollars. Now, you have picked up your third jackpot token.

Once again, the screen changes. It now shifts to an image of four wheels within wheels. You have to spin the outer wheel to move inwards and onto the next reel. This is where it gets difficult but you are also only three spins away from the game’s progressive jackpot.

If you don’t proceed any further into the centre, you simply collect the cash prize on the wheel and return to the game.

Our advice – as always – is to try the game in practise mode before playing for real. The bonus feature on Millionaires Club III is the highlight of the game and not to be missed.

In Conclusion

Their grammar may be lacking but the game design is second to none. There’s a reason why they are on their third version of this game – it’s popular! The progressive jackpot resets at $175,000 and has made dozens of millionaires in its time. It really is your chance to join that exclusive club.

Frank Says…

It is a bit cheesy to look at and the music is a little sucky but the bonus feature is what makes this game rock. I love the fact that – as soon as you hit one bonus – you then have a chance to play for the jackpot. I know the chances of me hitting that progressive are slim but at least you get to have a genuine crack at it with this game.

Someone is losing way too much sleep over apostrophes here. I’m a huge fan of Cryptologic’s portfolio and this game is – quite literally – on the money!