Monopoly Megajackpots Slot Review 1

Monopoly Megajackpots Slot Review

“Hit the big one on MegaJackpots Monopoly and you’ll have enough money to buy your own hotel, bribe your way out of jail, and pass GO in a Ferrari.”

We’ve all been there:  huddled together round the table playing Monopoly with the family. The game has been in play for three hours, everyone is bored, and that spotty geek of a second cousin owns everything and is demanding rent.

Whatever its shortcomings, Monopoly is probably one of the best known board games in the world. The first ever version of Monopoly was invented by American Quaker Elizabeth Phillips, in 1903. Today, there are nearly 2,000 different editions of the game and the Monopoly brand has been licensed worldwide.

One company that got permission to use the Monopoly brand is online gaming software developers Wagerworks. The company has created several online slots celebrating the game, including the subject of this review: MegaJackpots Monopoly with Pass ‘GO’ Bonus.

Even More Mega!

The MegaJackpots series is a collection of slot machines that all share a common progressive jackpot. The jackpot starts at a wallet bustin’ £1.5 million and grows from there. Other Wagerworks slots sharing the same progressive pot are Cluedo and Cleopatra.


So how do you win the big one?  Well, first, you need to be very lucky. You also need to bet the maximum five credits on all nine paylines. Finally, you need to get a sweet, sweet, line of five MegaJackpot symbols across the centre payline. Pass GO? Pass out, more like!

Away from the fantasy fuelled world of multi-million dollar jackpots, MegaJackpots Monopoly is a great game with some engaging bonus features including a Chance Win Spin Bonus , a Pass GO bonus, and the chance to gamble any winnings.

Take a Ch-Ch-Chance On Me

To win the Chance Win Spin Bonus, you need to get three Chance Bonus symbols anywhere on the final three reels. You must have bet on all nine paylines to qualify for this bonus.  They obviously want you to max out your bet but… if you get this bonus, you max out the win!

Once triggered, you then have to pick one of the spinning Chance card symbols which will tell you how many wins you have (from 2 to 4). The Win Spin Bonus then kicks into life and the reel keeps spinning until you have pocketed your prize. All good.

If you don’t hit a win within seven spins, you get a bonus award of 10x your initial triggering bonus bet.  You can win the MegaJackpot, if the bonus was triggered with the maximum play. You can also trigger the Pass GO bonus…. Which is… (read on, slots fans)

Bonuses are GO!

Get three Bonus Dice symbols on any active payline and it’s all systems GO. Three animated dice will appear. Pick one, to discover how many rolls of the dice you have won.

Next the screen changes and its time for some traditional Monopoly. You roll the dice and navigate the board picking up prizes as you go. There are even more bonuses to be won, if you land on Free Parking, GO, and Jail.

In Conclusion:

Anyone who is familiar with the game Monopoly is going to love this one (and that would be just about everyone). If there was a criticism, it lies in the fact that you have to bet the max for any chance of hitting the Chance Win Spin Bonus.  For the progressive jackpot – fair enough – but for a bonus feature, it’s a tough call.  That said, this is a cracking game and one of the finest in the Wagerworks portfolio. Roll those dice, pick up a Chance card, and take it for a spin today.

Betty Says…

“I am that geek! I love Monopoly and I play it often. To be perfectly honest, unless you hit the bonus feature, this is just a slot with the characters you know and love from the board game. However, I played this recently and hit the bonus feature twice. It’s a blast and well worth playing for. As a Monopoly fan, I would recommend this game to everyone. There are also other versions to play and you can read about those in different reviews at WhichSlotMachine. Roll me a double!”