Rain Dance Slot 1

Rain Dance Slot

“Heap big Native American stereotype alert. Pull on those moccasins Hiawatha, it’s time to review Rain Dance”

Did you know that, in most American states, any form of gambling is illegal? Aside from Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the Mississippi river and a few other spots, the only place where a slot lovin’ yank can crank a one-armed bandit is in casinos located on land gifted to the Native Americans.

The gambling business has brought some prosperity and employment to the few remaining tribes and members of America’s indigenous people. It’s also given them a chance to reap a little financial revenge on the white man!

The Rain Dance slot evokes an earlier time in the Native American history. A time when buffalo roamed, teepees stood tall, bald eagles soared in the sky, and the indigenous tribes lived without fear.

The game comes from US-facing gaming software developers Realtime Gaming. It’s a five reel game which offers players a dangerous £100 maximum bet per line and a massive 40,000 times jackpot multiplier. Combine those two on a winning line and you’ll scoop almost half a million.

Graphically, the game features dream catchers, tomahawks, wolves, bald eagles, teepees, and a full head-dress wearing Chief. The developers have made absolutely no effort with the sounds in the regular game but, when the special feature triggers, we get a full on drum-fest. I missed at least one good old hand over mouth warbling Indian war cry!


We Interrupt This Review

Here at Casinokeeper, we test all the games with cold, hard, real cash. However, we do have a budget on each game and I didn’t hit the scatter feature in this game before I’d blown my wad.

So, I switched to free play and I must tell you that I just won £13,000 on a £100 spin! I hit four scatters, won 15 free games. Second free spin in: I won another 10 free games. Everything was multiplied by four. It was both massively exciting and depressing at the same time. If only it had been real money! Bah!

Where were we? So, we have our Native American iconography. The scatter symbol is a coyote. Hit five of these and you win 100 free games – with all winning combinations multiplied by five. Three is the minimum free game number and it earns you 10 free spins, multiplied by three.

The wild symbol in Rain Dance slots is the Chief. He only pops up on reels one and two but he DOES substitute for the scatter symbol (usually, this is not the case). Any winning combinations featuring the Chief earn double the money.

In Conclusion

I really thought I was going to draw a blank with Rain Dance and I did burn through my budget for the game. However, when it rain dances – it pours! This game has something of a reputation as a quiet fellow who will suddenly overwhelm you with an act of extraordinary generosity. Perhaps, like a Native American… More turkey, anyone?

Frank Says…

Sorry, I just don’t like this game. I want my online slots with more bells and whistles. Having said that: it was a pretty amazing win that Betty secured (Yes… we do work together, sometimes).

For me, this game lacks a more interesting bonus round but you can’t deny its generosity. If it pays – it stays!