Starburst Slot 1

Starburst Slot

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starburst”

Opal Fruits… Made to make your mouth water.  Now, only readers of a certain age will know wtf I am talking about. However, were I to say Starburst and  – probably – a great many more of you would remember those fruit flavoured wax paper wrapped sweets.  I always loved strawberry.

Starburst was the new name for Opal Fruits. Just like Snickers replaced Marathon, Oil of Olay became Oil of Ulay, and Jif became Jizz (or something I can’t fucking remember).  Anyway… the aimless point of all this rambling is that the latest game from online gaming software developers Net Entertainment is called Starburst and it’s a fruity little number that could be Bejewelled by any other flavour. Phew… Got their in the end.

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Unlike recent Net Ent online slots games like Gonzo’s Quest and Jack and the Beanstalk, Starburst is a fairly simple graphic with an irritating piece of 1980s video game music in the background. Coloured jewels populate the wheels, alongside old school ‘7’ and ‘BAR’ symbols which – frankly – look a bit out of context in this far out hippy spaceman’s dream.


The gameplay is relatively simple. A super dooper Starburst Wild symbol appears occasionally on reels 2,3, and 4. hit this baby and the whole reel goes wild and you get up to three respins to bank a winner. It does pop up frequently and makes for some good hits.

The payline structure makes for some confusion on this game. There are 10 paylines but they run in both directions. Creating a total of 20 potential online slot winning combinations.

In Conclusion

Starburst is a game for true online slots players. It’s the perfect game for someone who is tired of all the funky graphics and animations of other releases. If you simple want a game with a great payout ratio and simple styling, look no further than the Starburst online slot.

Betty Says…

“I still have figured out the win lines and I keep expecting the winning combinations to disappear and be replaced by more winning combinations a la Bejewelled. Sadly, Starburst doesn’t do this and it doesn’t really do it for me. I found it a little boring. Having said that: I was well up after playing for 30 minutes so maybe it ain’t so bad after all.”