Wolf Run Slot 1

Wolf Run Slot

“Why walk the dog when you can run the wolf? WagerWorks’ furry online slot has plenty of bite to back up its bark.”

I’m not entirely sure what a wolf run is? Are we trying to catch one, keep up, or escape? Are we Red Riding Hood, Eskimo Joe, or the boy who cried? It doesn’t matter. Wolf Run is a five reel, 40 payline, online slot from gaming software developers WagerWorks. It’s hairy, it’s got big teeth, and – if you spin it right – it could help you make a killing.

The Wolf Run slot has an Inuit vibe going on with totemic icons, wolves, and a dream catcher for the bonus symbol. Predictably, there are plenty of ‘howling wolves’ sound effects. It might be a good idea to invest in headphones, if you are playing this lupine lovely at the office.

Wolf Run is a very simple slot with a very modest, basic, and uncomplicated paytable. Perhaps, that’s the secret of its success. The payout rate is just shy of 95% and it seems to keep paying out. There are very few long, dry, spells with the Wolf Run slots.

There are 40 paylines to take a bite at. The game features both a free spins bonus round and a stacked wilds bonus. The free spins bonus can be retriggered up to 255 times.


Bite Me Bonuses

The game’s wild symbol is a wolf howling at the moon. This furry friend pops up a lot and substitutes for every symbol except the bonus symbol. As I was testing this game, I really noticed how frequently the wild symbol appeared. It was often stacked on several reels which resulted in me making some big multiple line wins with the wild symbols going…errr… wild!

And those big wins come accompanied by a cheesy quasi-porno soundtrack and some on-screen fireworks. It’s all good.

Of course, the red meat in this game is the Wolf Run Free Spins Bonus. Line up three ‘bonus’ scatter symbols on reels two, three, and four and the bonus round kicks in. When the feature starts, the screen dims and the moon comes out.

All wins are paid double and you could net up to 255 free spins, if you continue to hit the bonus symbols. To be honest, it took me some time before I hit the free spins feature. However, on that journey, I stacked up the wild symbols and really couldn’t lose.

In Conclusion

As you can probably tell, what I love about WagerWorks’ Wolf Run online slots is the stacked wilds feature. If you can get stacked wilds on three of four reels and you have every one of the game’s 40 lines covered, you’re going to win some serious cash.

Am I crying wolf? If crying wolf is telling you that this slot is definitely worth a moonlight flit – then yes, I am happy to shout ‘wolf’ from the rooftops. Give it a go today.

Frank Says…

True. The stacked wild symbols are what make this game worth playing. I found the sound effects a little dull and- although I did hit the free spins feature once – I got only five spins and no repeats. Betty is correct: line up two or three reels of stacked wilds and one spin could double or triple your balance.

Clearly, not everything that howls at the moon is mad. This game is a sane play in a mad world. Give it a spin.